Valhalla Capital Group, L.L.C. is a U.S. CFTC registered Commodity Trading Advisor.

About us

Welcome to Valhalla Capital Group

Valhalla Capital Group, LLC was founded in January 2008. We are a licensed and registered company with the National Futures Association( NFA) .NFA ID 0402215 We are registered as  a Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA) .

As a CTA, we specialize in managed accounts. Clients can open up their accounts directly with the broker and sign a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) authorizing us to trade on their behalf. All of our performance numbers are net of fees and our performance and fees are calculated by a 3rd party CPA firm. This gives clients the ultimate transparency and access to their accounts as they are able to watch and monitor their accounts in real time. Only the client has authorization to deposit and withdraw funds from their account. Our client list includes but not limited to individuals, corporations, IRA’s, pool, hedge funds, Eligible contract participants (ECP), brokers, prop shops and pension funds.

We serve affluent investors globally, that have done an excellent job accumulating wealth, but seek our help to research, locate and access some of the best managed foreign exchange (forex) and managed futures products available.

Valhalla Capital Group can assist in building a custom portfolio, based on a client’s unique set of objectives and risk tolerance levels. While managed accounts in the foreign exchange (forex) markets are our specialty as a trading advisor, we also have strategic partnerships in place with other top performing trading advisers who specialize in creating and managing investments in the futures and options markets.

Principal and Founder


Charles Campbell is a founding member of Valhalla Capital Group, L.L.C. Mr. Campbell is responsible for risk management and oversight of the trade operations of the firm. Mr. Campbell has been active in the foreign exchange markets since 2005. Prior to founding Valhalla Capital Group, he was responsible for managing a portfolio of funds at Capital Ventures, LLC, where his primary responsibilities included asset allocation and portfolio structuring.. In addition, Mr. Campbell is responsible for managing all phases of the back-office operations including confirmation of trade settlements, verification of all portfolio accounting and software/systems administration. Mr. Campbell attended The University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, where he studied Finance. Mr. Campbell is series 3 licensed in Futures & Options by FINRA and is an Associated Person in good standing with the National Futures Association.