Our investment approach is built on a foundation of risk management and a rigorous focus toward capital preservation. Our objective is to remain out of the markets as much as we possible can, thereby minimizing our open market exposure to volatility and larger long term fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets. If we think the markets are setting up for significant periods of untamed volatility, we will remain unexposed. It is more important to preserve capital than to make big gains and end up giving it back, or worse, end up with less capital than we started. For our team at VCG, long term investing means acknowledging and preparing for those times when markets and/or our strategies may lose and employing the discipline and structure to weather those periods without emotion or panic.

Active Management

Active management means getting out of a bad investment in short order and not holding for the unknown. Moving to cash and remaining unexposed in difficult market cycles means you are an active manager.


We work around the clock to provide solutions to your investment needs. We put ourselves in your shoes so we can understand your issue. When you need service, we attempt to understand your need from your vantage point and we remain active until your problem is resolved. In addition, privacy and confidentiality are important to our investors. Valhalla Capital Group adheres to a strict privacy and confidentiality standard.


We use outside custodians / Forex Dealer Members / Futures Commission Merchants for holding your money. This means you open an account with a regulated broker who will act as an outside custodian to verify your account balance and trading activity at any time, 24/7.